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Commercial construction professionals are continuously faced with unique technical, design, and budget requirements when selecting windows and doors. The Commercial Team at Weather-Tek provides the experience and expertise to help guide projects from concept to completion. We’ve built a strong name in the commercial construction industry by providing:

  • Manufacturer Support – With strong relationships during and after the sale, we work with more than 20 different window, door, and accessory product brands to ensure you have the selection, support, and service you need for your project.
  • Experience & Expertise – You’ll work with our dedicated team of professionals who focus solely on commercial projects, bringing you creative solutions and a value engineered approach.
  • Project Management – Working directly with project architects throughout the entire process, we’ll offer engineering suggestions and valuable solutions to keep your project on time and on budget.
  • Budget Conscious – With our high-volume relationships, we’re able to work with our vendors to competitively bid your job, as well as explore cost-saving product alternatives.
  • Installation & Service – Once the appropriate products have been selected, we offer convenient installation and ongoing service by our fully trained and experienced team.
  • Education & Tours – From continuing education classes and training to manufacturer tours and product support, our goal is to help you succeed in business by having all the right tools.

Our extensive experience in historical renovation helps commercial developers, contractors, and architects navigate Wisconsin’s Historic Tax Credit program, offering savings and incentives to support the redevelopment and reinvigoration of Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

Some of our commercial work across Southeast Wisconsin:

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Office Space

Adequate daylighting, the impact of light on computer screens, ventilation for occupants, and design are key factors in selecting the right windows for office applications. Typically, new office buildings use a vinyl, aluminum, wood or fiberglass product to maximize design and budget in office environments.


Retail applications are known for their large, glass-area size, showcasing products for passers-by. Special structural considerations, with tempered safety glass, constructed in strong frames are the focus. Aluminum direct-set, glazed on-site is the most common retail application.


The rigors of daily use, as well as ventilation are key concerns in industrial applications. From wire-reinforced and tempered safety glass to security features, a common choice is a vinyl product with reinforced stiles and rails. These products are best suited to withstand harsh industrial environments.


The key factor in institutional windows and doors is high traffic, making product durability and public safety the two most important aspects. Municipal requirements for safety glass, panic bars, and automatic closing devices play an integral part in product solutions, regardless of whether the material is vinyl, wood, fiberglass, or steel.


Architecture is king. From Greek and Gothic design elements to mid-century modern designs, municipal buildings such as courthouses and city halls often enlist the most specific window and door details. From prototyping custom window profiles to ornate casing and glazing, feature is as important as function in most municipal applications.


Commercial waterfront properties come with their own set of unique challenges and must be built to withstand the harshest elements. From high winds to high moisture content, choosing durable paint finishes, corrosion-resistant hardware, and high design pressure (DP) ratings are important considerations in marine applications.


Architectural and historical integrity is the focus of any renovation project in this category. From navigating preservation councils and tax credits to customizing intricate window and trim profiles to match period-specific styles, commercial historic renovations are our specialty.


Cost-per-unit is a key factor in large commercial projects, as well as sufficient high design pressure (DP) ratings for taller buildings. Choosing glass types to meet design, as well as code and function requirements is critical.


Ease of use, interior and exterior design, daylight, ventilation, durability, and cost are all factors in selecting the right windows and doors for multi-family apartments and condos. Long-term costs associated with tenant use and neglect also play a role in selecting quality windows and hardware.

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