Composite or Fiberglass Windows & Doors

The art & science of construction

Offering many structural benefits over vinyl and significant cost savings over wood, many of today’s homeowners are choosing composite or fiberglass windows and doors for their home.

What is a composite? Well, essentially it’s a big science project. Composites are the industry’s way of trying to create the perfect window or door – blending the best features of different raw materials together into one product. Rather than all-vinyl or all-wood, these products take a bonding agent like resin, epoxy or a plastic polymer, and mix them with a solid material such as silica glass fibers or wood fibers, making for strong composite and fiberglass windows and doors!

The bonding agents offer qualities such as water- and fade-resistance, while the solid material adds strength and durability. It’s a science experiment that is a real win for homeowners!

If you look at composite windows online, you’ll see that it’s a trend across the entire building industry. Composite products have become a go-to for performance, longevity, and value. Other composite products you might have heard of include composite decking and engineered siding.

A Lot of Pros to Consider…

Fiberglass & composite window & door features

fiberglass windows and doors

What Are Fiberglass & Composite Windows & Doors?

Many people forget that fiberglass is technically a composite because these strands are fused with some type of plastic-like product such as resin, epoxy or a thermoplastic. Other composite windows are blends of wood fibers or sawdust, often reclaimed from the manufacturing process of wood windows.

Composite and fiberglass windows are constructed in a similar nature to vinyl, creating long extruded lineal lengths by pushing or pulling materials through a form that creates multiple grooves, channels, and shapes in one seamless product.

Sometimes the color is blended into the composite, and sometimes, as in the case of Marvin’s Integrity windows, an acrylic finish is layered over the top. Most composites accept paint or stain, making them highly versatile in designing to your own unique tastes.

Many composite and fiberglass products, especially exterior doors, feature a wood-like appearance that is applied during the manufacturing process. In fact, many of today’s fiberglass doors are often mistaken for wood!

Fiberglass and composites can also be used to make a clad window or door, giving your home the beauty of a wood interior.


Features & Benefits of Fiberglass & Composite Windows & Doors

As you read above, fiberglass and other composite products are really aiming to bring you the best possible features in today’s building materials. Some specific examples include:

  • Strength & Durability – These products don’t expand, contract, flex or bend nearly as easily as vinyl, because the solids in the composite help to strengthen the window or door
  • Low-maintenance Finishes – Fiberglass and composites are known for their superior finishes, both inside and out – no fading, flaking, or peeling
  • Weather Resistant – Because of their nature, fiberglass and composite products are much more rain, snow, and condensation friendly
  • Eco-friendly – Many composite products are made from recycled materials or manufacturing byproducts, so no harvesting forests
  • Dark Color Options – Due to their strength, you can explore dark colors without the fear of warping or bending in higher temperatures
  • Energy Efficiency – Composite products offer insulating value due to their seamless channels and insulating air gaps, largely because the materials are low-transmitters of heat and cold, and the rigidity prevents warping and air infiltration

Are composite or fiberglass windows & doors right for you?

Eco-Friendly Windows, Ready to Stand Up to the Toughest Elements…

Other benefits of fiberglass windows & doors

Good for Your Home, Good for the Planet

Did you know that composite and fiberglass manufacturing requires less energy than any other window and door material? Less waste is generated during the manufacturing process. In fact, Andersen Windows’ Fibex material is composed of 40% reclaimed wood, meeting some of the toughest indoor emission standards in the nation, and has prevented the harvesting of nearly 90 million board-feet of timber since its inception.

Reduce Air Infiltration with Fiberglass

Perhaps one of the most valuable performance qualities of fiberglass is its rigidity. Up to eight times stronger than vinyl, there is less flex, expansion, and contraction in these windows and doors. With Wisconsin winters that’s important! It means there’s a lower chance of the glass seal breaking and less chance of air infiltration due to warped window sashes and frames. Strong = secure and sealed tight!

Financing Fiberglass Windows

Due to their added value, many homeowners elect to upgrade to fiberglass or composite replacement windows. If the budget has to be stretched, our financing programs can help. Remember that the energy efficiency of your new windows will save you money on your electric and gas bills for years to come!

Check out our financing options from GreenSky!

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