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New & Replacement Door Styles

Choosing New or Replacement Door Styles for Your Home…

Trust the fenestration experts!

“Be an opener of doors.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Doors represent amazing things in our lives – new opportunities, new chapters, and new experiences. In our homes, it’s nothing different. From greeting a visitor at the front entry door to letting a muddy dog in from the backyard, doors represent the action and activity in our lives.

Because they are always moving, opening, and closing, it’s important to get a quality product and install it properly so it will continue functioning at its best for years to come. Whether it’s a vinyl patio door, a front door system with beautiful sidelights, or a 20 foot-wide, expansive scenic opening to your lake frontage, we’re here to help you:

  • Pick the best door brand for your application
  • Decide between different features and styles for operation and design
  • Explore options for material choice such as wood, fiberglass or steel
  • “I have found the process of researching windows to be more complex than I ever bargained for. I had to consider the material, brand name, energy efficiency, Low E coating, triple vs. double pane, etc. etc.! I was referred to Weather-Tek. Rick St. Antoine met with me in my home and gave me suggestions and answered all the questions I had.”

    Jen – Menomonee Falls, WI
  • “I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with Rick St. Antoine. I was in need of new windows for our home in Menomonee Falls and had contacted several window companies. Rick came to my home well prepared to show me the brand options that Weather-Tek could offer us.”

    Jen – Menomonee Falls, WI
  • “Rick by far, was the most responsive replacement window sales consultant, providing me with a quote in hours instead of days and weeks that I had to wait for with other companies. He also was proactive in following up with me to see if I had any further questions on my window order.”

    Jen – Menomonee Falls, WI
  • “It is refreshing to work with someone I feel I can trust with an excellent work ethic such as Rick. He should be commended for providing such excellent service.”

    Jen – Menomonee Falls, WI
  • “Wow, I was so impressed with Andersen Windows and so glad I went with the Replacement Windows & Doors team over at Weather-Tek.”

    Jeffrey – Germantown, WI
  • “We are very pleased with the family room windows supplied and installed by Weather-Tek. The finished project exceeded our expectations…and the crew did a great job installing the windows. They are true craftsmen. The inside and outside trim work is fantastic, matching the existing trim stain. That was difficult to do.”

    Jim – Mequon, WI
  • “Thanks to Adam & guys for quick install … everything seemed to go smoothly & they were very courteous. I think I will be very happy with the new windows.”

    Eve – Waukesha, WI
  • “The stain on my new Western interior doors and trim is beautiful workmanship. Thank you, Weather-Tek installation and delivery team!”

    Paula – Mukwonago, WI
  • “Just had my windows and doors installed last week. Very impressed by Paul and his team. It’s clear this was not their first window and door install. Our home builder really chose a team that knew what they were doing.”

    Barry – East Troy, WI
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Weather-Tek Windows & Doors on two occasions. When it comes to replacement windows they are unparalleled in their knowledge. We were not guided toward any one of the many brands that they have available, but educated so we could choose the best replacement window for our needs. We love the Anderson 100 series windows we put in our home. The Marvin Integrity windows were the perfect fit for our commercial property.

    Mike – Pewaukee, WI
  • Weather-Tek made the replacement window process easy. They didn’t force us into making decisions, but rather educated us on the options and what’s important. They have an amazing showroom with all the windows on display. The installers were very experienced and had great attention to detail. We are extremely happy we chose Weather-Tek and love the look of our Marvin Integrity Windows.

    Matthew – Waukesha, WI
  • We were impressed from start to finish with our replacement windows – from Vince helping us decide on what the best windows were for our home by providing us with several options to compare to Craig and his crew that worked at our home this week. Our new windows look great and the craftsmanship on the trim has made a huge impact on the look of our home! We look forward to working again with Weather-Tek in the future.

    Brenda – Brookfield, WI

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Have You Ever Wondered…

What different door styles are there?

Some selections are easy, like choosing between a solid or hollow core interior door, or selecting a screen and storm door. Some choices are much more difficult, like picking the right front entry door system to complement the look of your home or determining what is the best patio door brand. By understanding the different features and options, you’ll make choosing the best product from Weather-Tek Windows & Doors an easy decision.

Sliding Patio Doors

With one stationery panel and one moving panel, sliding patio doors are best when there is no room for the in- or out-swing of a hinged door.

Swinging French Patio Doors

Also called hinged doors, French patio doors have a traditional and elegant style where one panel swings open from hinges along the center stile.

Folding & Scenic Patio Doors

For larger openings, folding and scenic patio doors either hinge and stack or slide and stack along a mounted track on the floor and ceiling to give you expansive views.

Entry Doors

From front door systems to service doors, you have extensive form and function options that include transoms, sidelights, and more to greet your family and guests into your home.

Storm & Screen Doors

Added exposure to, or protection from the elements is the purpose of screen or storm doors, typically part of the overall entry or patio door system.

Interior Doors

The style within your home can be complemented by so many interior door options, also pairing well with our millwork and specialty products.

Bells, Whistles, and a Lot of Choices:

Features of interior and exterior doors

Depending on what type of door you are buying, you may have a lot of decisions to make. Standard service doors are pretty straight forward, while front door systems can be a complex mystery of transoms, sidelights, color, finish, and more! When buying a door for your home, office, or commercial building, keep these areas in mind:

interior door colors - interior door finishes - replacement doors - new doors - weathertek doors

Interior Colors & Finishes

Like windows, some door products will have fewer options, so if interior color options are important, this is a good place to start the conversation. Vinyl and fiberglass options will be limited to white and other neutral colors, while wood doors give you the ability to customize stain colors to your heart’s content.

exterior door colors - exterior door finishes - replacement doors - new doors - weathertek doors

Exterior Colors & Finishes

Whether it’s a vibrant front door or the architectural appeal of contrasting trim and doors, the variety of products we carry can include painted finishes, natural wood looks, and even metal. Achieve exactly the look you want with our custom paint, stain, and pre-finish services.

door hardware - replacement doors - new doors - weathertek doors

Hardware Selection & Service

Whether it’s the deadbolt on your home or a closure on a commercial door system, our hardware selections are extensive. And, because things that move are always the most prone to problems over time, we carry a large inventory of replacement and repair parts.

door core options - replacement doors - new doors - weathertek doors

Core Material

The “innards” of a door are just as important as the outside. From the economy of a hollow core interior door to the strength of a solid wood door, core material impacts the durability, energy efficiency, sound barrier, fire ratings, and performance. Specialty core types can even protect against radiation, bullets, hurricanes, and more!

fire ratings

Fire Ratings

When selecting doors for your home, it’s important to understand fire ratings – the duration for which a door can withstand a standard fire resistance test. Service doors to your garage require longer fire rating times than interior doors. We’ll help you choose the product that is most appropriate and safest for your family.

door accessories - replacement doors - new doors - weathertek doors

Door Accessories & Options

From security and home automation to storm and screen door systems, there are many accessories and options to consider. Whether you are looking for a unique product like a retractable screen or something high-tech like the Andersen VeriLock® security sensors, you’ll find it at Weather-Tek.

Too many choices? Not sure where to start your search?

Explore Our selection of door styles

Smart solutions and energy efficiency

Smart Home Solutions

When paired with the right hardware, your doors can be really intelligent. From keyless entry for the housekeeper to home security monitoring, “smart” home automation options are quickly becoming mainstream. We can help you determine which products are a fit, avoid warranty issues that can come about with improper installation, and more!

Energy Efficient Doors

Whether it be glass, core type, material, weatherstripping, or a storm door, there are many factors in selecting an energy efficient door system. When protection from the elements is important, it’s essential to consider all of these factors in your search. Our experts can help you build a door system that meets your expectations and lowers your gas and electric bills!

Financing Doors for Your Home

Replacing the patio or front entry door in your home is a big deal and can come with a big price tag if you aren’t careful. At Weather-Tek Windows & Doors you can get the right product, right price, and right payment options. With flexible terms and several financing programs to choose from, you’ll be opening new doors in no time!

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