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Our most energy efficient window and door options

When it comes to energy efficient windows, look no further. The ecoSmart series by Great Lakes Window has been designated as one of ENERGY STAR’s® Most Efficient Certified Products of 2018. Built to resist both the heat of the summer sun, as well as the cold winter winds blowing off of the lake, ecoSmart helps homeowners save on heating and cooling costs.

When ecoSmart is paired with other great products from Great Lakes, such as the HarborLight and ComfortSmart collections, you can rest assured that you’ll find some best-in-class window and door solutions, including:

  • A window that exceeds Northern Zone ENERGY STAR® requirements by up to 48% with selected glass packages
  • The Best in Sound Transmission Class (STC) rankings – up to a 34 STC instead of a standard 26 or less
  • A SmartCore system that provides nearly twice the insulating properties of typical fiberglass, with an NFRC R-Value of 7.25 per inch
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers the frame, sash, glass seal failures, hardware, screens, and more – plus it’s transferable to the next homeowner

From frame construction to top performing window glass packages, Great Lakes is a great choice for energy efficient windows in Wisconsin. Paired with an excellent lineup of finishes, grille styles, designer glass options, and trim accessories, saving money on your energy bills has never looked so good!

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More About the Great Lakes Family of Products

Three great window choices for your home

Three lines, all featuring classic Great Lakes benefits that endure the test of time! Each premium product is individually crafted and custom-made specifically to fit your home. Combine the features that you want in your windows and doors, be it energy efficiency, security, or signature beauty! Few vinyl window lines offer the selections and choices that Great Lakes does, giving you more control over the performance and appearance of your replacement windows.

Living room with energy-efficient windows by ecoSmart, Great Lakes Window


From the patented SmartCore and ecoCore insulation systems to its EnergyGuard glass options, this line isn’t just designed to keep the cold out in the winter, it actually warms the home through passive heat transfer. Combined with Low-E coatings that block damaging UV rays. You’ll avoid fading furnishings, carpets, and more.
HarborLight windows by Great Lakes Window


Specialized systems prevent air infiltration in this series. From the sleek cam-action lock and SureLok sill systems to an interlocking frame design on all double hung and sliding windows, the vinyl HarborLight Series provides enhanced weather-tight performance, while making windows more secure.
ComfortSmart windows by Great Lakes Window


Performance meets beauty in this line, with both standard and signature palettes to meet all your design needs. The sleek, streamlined frames leave way for expansive views, while co-extruded vinyl construction allows you to enjoy different interior and exterior colors on the same window or door.

Options for Energy Efficiency in Your Home

What makes ecoSmart such an energy efficient window?

Let’s dial in a bit more on the ecoSmart features. Just how did Great Lakes achieve the coveted ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Mark in 2018? It’s not just one feature, but an entire series of frame and glass choices, that when combined, pack a powerful product into one window opening! From standard features like the patented SmartCore frame to optional upgrades that will save you even more, look to ecoSmart when eco-friendly is your primary goal!


SmartCore Insulation

All ecoSmart Windows come standard with Great Lakes’ SmartCore insulation. Filling the primary frame and sash cavities, this high-density insulation provides nearly twice the insulating properties of typical fiberglass insulation.

Performance Glass Options

Wide selections for glass on the ecoSmart line include more than a dozen options to choose from. The EnergyGuard line offers up to three panes of Low-E glass with insulating chambers of argon or krypton, while the SmartGuard series blocks harmful solar heat and UV rays without darkening your view.

Optimal Performing Spacer Systems

While glass is important, the EnergyEdge and EnergyEdge+ spacer systems provide the foundation for structural integrity and ensure premium performance of the panes and insulating chambers for years to come.

I-Beam & RigidCore Fiberglass Reinforcement

Another standard feature, ecoSmart double hung and sliding windows feature RigidCore for unsurpassed strength and quality.

Fusion-Welded Frames

Protect against air and water infiltration with fusion-welded frames and sashes, a Great Lakes foundational practice for performance. Screws and mechanical fasteners are never used, maintaining the seal integrity for this line.

ecoCore Reinforcement

A full composite reinforcement system used throughout all frame and sash cavities is an added option. Also fusion-welded with the frame and sash, this option ensures optimal strength, durability, and thermal properties.
About Great Lakes Window by Ply Gem

It all started with a discovery in Europe. The innovation of Great Lakes Window brand has literally crossed oceans, bringing fusion-welded frames and sashes to Toledo, Ohio.

Stronger, cleaner, and more streamlined, Great Lakes brought this technology to Toledo in 1981, and today, nearly 10 million vinyl replacement windows and doors later, their standards are higher than ever.

The company believes in certification by not only ENERGY STAR®, but also the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). Great Lakes believes that third-party verification of performance is key. They also hold a specialized accreditation by the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI), an independent certification, inspection, and quality assurance service specifically designed for the building products industry.

As a Ply Gem owned brand, the strength of the parent company shows through with over 70 years in the building products industry.

The Great Lakes & Weather-Tek relationship

Our quest to carry one of the most energy efficient replacement vinyl windows on the market today lead us to Great Lakes Window.

As one of our newer vendors, the partnership continues to perform for both Weather-Tek and our customers. With a focus on bringing our Northern Zone efficient products and a warranty that allows us, as a dealer, to provide ongoing support for years to come, Great Lakes Window shares our philosophy that great products and great support make for great savings!

Their ecoSmart, HarborLight, and ComfortSmart product lines round out our offering, bringing color and design options to replacement windows that few manufacturers offer in a vinyl window product. We believe vinyl windows can be beautiful, and the designer glass options, trim accessories, and grille styles in this series helps us prove it every day!

As a partner, Great Lakes Window is committed to service, on-time delivery, and value that far exceeds the initial price tag. Their value will be seen for years to come in your home’s energy savings.

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