Window & Door Material Choices
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Window & Door Material Choices

What is the best option for your home?

With thousands of window and door brands, dozens of styles, and a myriad of features to consider, sometimes homeowners can be overwhelmed with all the choices. One of the most important decisions to make when selecting new or replacement windows for your home is what material is best. However, there’s no right answer to what type of windows are best for your home, the answer lies instead, in these questions:

  • What is your budget?
  • How important is a low-maintenance window?
  • Do you have a preference for or an aversion to any specific product?
  • How long will you stay in your home?
  • How large are your window or door openings?
  • What style, age, and type of home do you have?
  • How important is color and appearance?

Explore Your Options for Convenience, Cost, Quality & Style

Windows & doors - be it wood, vinyl, fiberglass or more!

Because there’s no right answer to choosing the best type of window or door and no simple flow chart or checklist to get you there, our team likes to help you explore your options. Rather than simply offering a Pella vinyl replacement window or a Marvin or Andersen wood window or door, we instead offer you more than 20 different style options, materials and features to choose from at Weather-Tek Windows & Doors. That’s how you get what’s best for your home. By having lots of choices, and lots of help choosing the best one for you. A great place to start is by exploring different window materials…below are some resources to help guide you through that process.

wood windows & doors

Wood - The Strength of Nature in Your Home

Nothing beats the beauty of natural wood. From all-wood products to the strength of a clad exterior, our extensive experience in the wood window market lets you get creative with color, species, shape, and size! Create architectural interest and a warm, welcoming view to the outside world with wood windows and doors from Weather-Tek.

vinyl windows & doors

Vinyl - Economy Meets Efficiency

Vinyl windows account for the majority of the products available, and because of that they can vary greatly in quality, cost, and performance. We’ve selected the best performing vinyl products in the marketplace – in fact, one of our vinyl window options has the best U-value ratings available! Efficient, economic, and low maintenance all-in-one!

composite & fiberglass windows & doors

Composite & Fiberglass - Strength, Durability

Strength and durability at its finest. Fiberglass and other composite windows and doors offer homeowners and commercial spaces low-maintenance products that will stand the test of time. Due to its extremely durable nature and strength, fiberglass also makes for a great exterior clad option – warp resistant, even in dark colors!

clad windows & doors

Clad Windows & Doors - The Best of Both Worlds

Clad windows and doors really do provide the best of both worlds – strength, durability, and a low-maintenance exterior paired with the beauty of wood on the inside. From aluminum to fiberglass and even vinyl clad options, you’ll find a clad window or door for every application here at Weather-Tek.

aluminum & steel windows & doors

Aluminum & Steel - Your Options Abound

Aluminum – one of the most versatile exterior options in the marketplace – from color to shape, there are tons of choices to explore. The strength of steel affords even the largest glass openings to maintain the structural integrity of a building.

Too many choices? Not sure where to start your search?

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