New Construction & Remodeling Projects

Partnering with homeowners, builders, remodelers & architects

You do really amazing work. You take a blank piece of land and turn it into a home. You transform a dated home into a contemporary showcase. You craft a plan that has to marry the homeowner’s vision with the available building products, all while maintaining excellent structural engineering and design.

Partnering with residential construction trades, we offer the following:

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Are You a Homeowner With a New Construction or Remodeling Project? The Weather-Tek team will work hand-in-hand with your builder, remodeler or architect on all your window, door, and more needs.

A Picture Perfect View, No Matter Your Perspective

Connecting the residential construction industry

There are hundreds of people involved in the typical new construction project and thousands of processes. We help connect the dots between them. From a homeowner’s wish list to the budget’s reality. From what happens on the window manufacturer’s floor to what happens at your job site. From an architect’s vision to a project manager’s execution. From a carpenter’s hammer to an energy auditor’s infrared gun. From the state’s building code to the installer’s techniques. Understanding all the possible combinations of people and processes is our job – connecting them together to provide the best window and door solutions you can find.

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Resources for Homeowners

If you are building or remodeling your home, we’ll partner with you and your contractor throughout the process. As an extension of the team, we help throughout the design, selection, and installation of your windows and doors. Our Design Gallery lets you see first-hand, the products that will be part of your home for years to come.

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Supporting Builders & Remodelers

Without a doubt, the two most important things we can offer are homeowner education and builder support. Combining resources that help you communicate design, cost, and value to your clients, while providing job site support, installation services, and quality inspections for a smooth and efficient building process.

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Partnering with Architects

As a material specifier, it’s important that you have current product information at your fingertips. From the newest in building sciences to a fix for a unique design challenge, Weather-Tek’s family of products has more solutions for your architectural fenestration needs than any other provider in Southeast Wisconsin.

Need help with window or door selections for your project?

Resources, Education, Service

What else do builders & remodelers appreciate?

Large Brand Selection

You probably have a favorite window brand…and we probably carry it. But if your homeowner clients are looking for a unique product or have a brand preference that differs from what you are accustomed to, we’ve got you covered. Our strong relationship with more than 20 different window, door, and accessory product manufacturers means great pricing and expedited service for our clients, and a product selection that meets any needs.Read More »

Installation Services

In a labor-tight industry, finding a skilled carpenter with the capacity and experience in window installation can be challenging. Our turn-key packages allow builders to leverage our team of manufacturer certified installers, who specialize in the trade of windows and doors. Let your carpentry teams focus on framing and finish work, allowing your construction timelines to stay swift and efficient, while Weather-Tek installs your windows and doors.Read More »

Job Site Support

From measuring openings on a remodeling project for the best fit to troubleshooting the installation challenges of a custom, multi-unit, or over-sized window or door, Weather-Tek provides ongoing job site support to our builder and remodeler clients. Simple things like holding the screens until project completion or help installing hardware might not seem like a big deal, but they are a big help!Read More »

Installation Training Programs

If you prefer to install our products yourself or subcontract those services to your carpenters, our training center can provide you and your team with the skills you need. Ensuring proper performance and energy efficiency through the best installation techniques, you’ll also minimize call backs, warranty claims, and other client concerns down the road.Read More »

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