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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows is Just the Beginning

Searching for a unique feature or architectural solution?

Personal preference is really important in life. Whether it’s your favorite breakfast cereal, the style of shoe you like to wear or your taste in music, we all have things that make us unique. When you are shopping for windows or doors or designing your next residential or commercial project, it’s no different.

Whether it’s an intricately designed piece of glass art, or simply meeting strict engineering or architectural requirements of a historic renovation, here’s a glimpse at some of the unique projects we’ve tackled:

  • Blatz Boiler House
  • Cambridge Ave Apartments
  • Empire Building at Wisconsin & Plankinton
  • Fredrick Lofts
  • Haymarket Lofts
  • Historic Wisconsin Hotel at 3rd & Wisconsin Ave
  • Junior House Lofts
  • Marriott Hotel at Wisconsin & Milwaukee
  • Marquette Johnston Hall
  • Milwaukee Art Museum Quadracci Pavilion
  • MHouse
  • Oakland Apartments
  • Posner Building – MKE Lofts
  • Prospect Block
  • Brewhouse Inn & Suites/Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub
  • Water Accelerator Building
  • Wells Street Building

Your Imagination is Just Getting Started

Specialty & custom windows from Weather-Tek

Whether you are shopping for the most energy efficient replacement window on the market or designing a truly “wow” view of the lake, our brands have the most extensive options available. Since we partner with more than 20 different manufacturers, we can bring solutions across any application – from custom wood windows to an oversized lift and slide scenic patio door. If you have a unique need, you need the unique knowledge that you’ll only find at Weather-Tek.

The Most Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

You’ve done your homework and are searching for the window with the lowest U-Factor possible – demonstrating the best insulating capability for the drama of our Wisconsin weather. However, there are two other terms you’ll run up against – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which is how much radiant heat enters your home from the outside, and Visible Transmittance (VT), which measures the amount of light transferred through the window.

Here in the North, look for a low U-Factor rating, preventing heat loss during our cold winter months, paired with a higher SHGC value to allow the sun’s heat in. Secondarily, keep an eye out for higher VT values, maximizing daylight in your home. To find the lowest U-Factor as you shop for windows, look for products that offer these energy efficient features:

  • Zone-specific ENERGY STAR® Ratings – Clue, we’re in the Northern Zone which has recently tightened requirements for efficiency
  • Frame Material – Many people don’t realize that frame choice makes a big difference in efficiency; choose a material that minimizes heat and cool transfer, and a design with added insulating factors
  • Triple Pane Glass – Adding another layer reduces thermal transfer
  • Glass Glazing Options – Metallic coatings on the glass itself block heat loss by reflecting that heat back into the room
  • Gas Fill – When the space between windows is filled with argon or other gasses, it slows the movement of cool or warm air between panes and improves thermal performance
  • Proper Installation – No matter how efficient a window is, it’s still only as good as the window installer who put it in your home

Weather-Tek offers one of the lowest U-rated options on the market, the ecoSmart Window. It’s a smart choice for those wanting to lower their utility bills and enhance comfort year-round.

A Note on High Performance & Sustainability: Resource efficient – through design, construction, operation, and maintenance, that’s the goal. If you are planning a high-performance build, our commercial products team can help you optimize energy efficiency and more.

window styles

Windows as ``Art``

The term “special” doesn’t just apply to the type of order it is. It’s amazing what you can do with windows and doors – in many ways, the sky is the limit.

Products like Marvin Window’s Signature Services allow homeowners and commercial craftsman alike to make a space uniquely theirs. When windows become art, we can help with:

  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Intricate and custom millwork
  • Large, complicated assemblies
  • Color and finish specification
  • Use of art and leaded glass

This is where product knowledge kicks in – and where partnership really matters. We work hand-in-hand with your architectural team to ensure the proper design, performance, fit, and installation of your custom windows and doors.

contemporary style windows

Contemporary Design

Contemporary windows and doors require a different approach, which is why we carry several lines that specifically cater to modern design. For example, the Weather Shield Contemporary Collection, named one of the Top 100 Products by Professional Builder Magazine, features:

  • Narrow profile for a slim-line appearance
  • Large visible glass areas
  • Minimal, contemporary hardware styles
  • Clean interior and exterior moulding
  • Flat and shadowed dimensions
  • Extended color selections, including anodized finishes

From dramatic 90° corner windows with narrow mullions to a line of awning windows bringing blocks of light into your living room, contemporary architecture has unique needs and we can help with that unique approach to windows and doors.

Historic Renovations & Custom Profiles

Historic Renovations & Custom Profiles

Unlike today’s simpler architectural styles, historic windows and doors were often the centerpiece of design. Fortunately the term “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” doesn’t apply at Weather-Tek. Our manufacturer relationships bring you the best options for elegant and ornate historic windows and doors, while meeting the tough performance demands of today’s construction industry. We help you:

  • Leverage Wisconsin’s historic renovation tax credits
  • Navigate architectural approval
  • Meet stringent historic district zoning requirements
  • Craft custom millwork and moulding profiles, as well as specialty glass shapes

Find out more about our partnership in reviving some of Milwaukee’s most renowned historic renovations.

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