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New & Replacement Window Styles

Choosing a Replacement Window Styles for Your Home…

Trust the fenestration experts!

Fenestration? What does that mean? It’s a funny sounding word with a really simple definition: “The arrangement, proportioning, and design of windows and doors in a building.”

Andersen, Pella, Marvin, Weather Shield, vinyl, fiberglass, casements, double hungs, awning windows, and more! Shopping for windows can be a daunting confusing task with hundreds of choices, you might think you have to become a fenestration expert just to figure out which window is really best for your home.

But that’s the beauty of working with Weather-Tek Windows & Doors. No one telling you that they have the best brand of window. No one convincing you that their product is superior to the rest. No one pressuring you to pick an expensive upgrade. With more than 20 window brands under our roof, we provide the largest selection and most unbiased source of window knowledge in Southeast Wisconsin. We’ll help you:

  • Pick the window brand that’s best for your home and your budget
  • Decide what window style is right for your project
  • Explore colors, features, and options for glass, screens, and accessories
  • Get easy cleaning, energy efficiency, window financing, and other bells and whistles you are looking for
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Form, Function & Fit…

Exploring different window styles & types for your home

If you are building a new home, your builder or architect will probably help you through selecting what type of window is right for your home, but if you are replacing windows, keep in mind that you can be creative! An old opening for a double hung window may have new life as a casement window. Opening up a wall with a new picture, bay or bow window is a great way to add new life to your remodel. It may seem like a simple place to start, but understanding these different types of windows, their operation, and best application is great foundational knowledge when selecting new windows for your home.

Double Hung Windows

Featuring two operable sashes, sliding both up and down, the convenience of a double hung window with a tilt-in feature offers easy access for cleaning.

Single Hung Windows

With two sashes, but just one operable opening from the bottom up, single hung windows provide an economical choice with simpler style and operation.

Casement Windows

A single sash choice for clear views and easy operation, casements are hinged on the side and operate with a hand crank making them ideal for difficult to reach spaces.

Awning Windows

Similar in operation to a casement window, awning windows are hinged on the top and are often used to create a versatile and unique look when paired with other styles of windows.

Gliding Windows

Also called a slider window, gliders are a great choice for use by a deck or porch because they do not protrude outward, while double gliders create excellent circulation.

Picture Windows

For expansive views, a picture window is typically a large, inoperable option – pair it with gliders or casements on each side and you can create an attractive feature in your home.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are particularly popular on the front of a home, decorative in nature, they extrude outward and are comprised of a series of fixed or operable windows.

Round Top Windows

A popular style to add architectural interest, round top windows offer arched and half moon options that add style and beauty to any home.

Specialty Shapes

The options are endless with custom window shapes and sizes, create drama and detail with specialty shaped windows in your home.

Interior Window Colors, Glass Options, Screens & More…

What window features should you consider?

When it comes to buying windows for your home, it’s not just the shape, style or function that you have to select…there are dozens of additional features. From the simplicity and economy of a stock white vinyl window to special features such as grills, hardware, and glass options, you can make the windows in your home as unique as you are! Our window and door experts are here to help you sort through all the available options, determining together what features fit your home, your budget, and your lifestyle!

interior window colors - interior window finishes - replacement windows - new windows - weathertek windows

Interior Colors & Finishes

From a white vinyl interior to a custom colored stain on a wood interior, the sky is the limit! Some products will have fewer options, so if interior color is high on your wish list, make sure to start the conversation here. Vinyl and fiberglass options will be more limited, while wood interiors give you vast options for type, finish, and color.

exterior window colors - exterior window finishes - replacement windows - new windows - weathertek windows

Exterior Colors & Finishes

Similar to the inside, exterior colors and finishes vary by brand and model. From basic white to the 50 different Andersen E Series exterior options, the exterior of your windows bring unique architectural interest and curb appeal to your home. So whether it’s as simple as Terratone or as exotic as Aquamarine, we can help you find the right look.

window glass options - replacement windows - new windows - weathertek windows

Glass Options

Did you know that many window manufacturers use glass made by the same brand? It’s all about how that glass is used that makes the difference. Many people consider a triple pane upgrade or decorative glass features when selecting their windows. Insulated, coated, laminated, tempered, and more – glass effects energy efficiency, light, sound transmission, and the overall look of your windows!

divided light grills - replacement windows - new windows - weathertek windows

Divided Lights & Grilles

There are many options when it comes to divided lights and grilles. From a simulated product that gives the appearance of individual windows to a true divided light, we carry many different styles. Or, choose a product that offers grilles between the panes of glass for easy cleaning! Wood interior grilles allow you to match the interior finish and color of your windows.

window screen choices - replacement windows - new windows - weathertek windows

Screen Choices

From fiberglass mesh to aluminum, or micro-fine stainless steel, you have several choices for the screens in your windows. Upgraded screens typically offer a clearer, crisper view. For example, Andersen’s TruScene® insect screens provide 50% more clarity than conventional screens. Screens can also come in a variety of colors to accent your window’s design.

window accessories - replacement windows - new windows - weathertek windows

Window Accessories & Options

Window hardware, blinds and shades, art glass, brick mold profiles, and even home automation are all considerations when buying windows. Complement your selection with a variety of different accessories. Our team can help you explore the different choices for the product that you choose to put in your home.

Too many choices? Not sure where to start your search?

From Energy Efficiency to Financing Options, We Have it All…

Convenience, savings & affordable window choices

Easy to Maintain, Easy to Clean.

Second story window? Hard to reach spaces? No problem. You’ve probably seen the tilt-in features available on many windows, making cleaning a cinch. Features like grilles between the glass help as well – allowing you to have the look of many windows, but the ease of cleaning just one. If you are a stickler for the pristine, or just trying to make life a little easier, our team can help you find a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean product.

Energy Efficient Choices

Low E. TriPane. Argon. Many people go straight to glass, but there are many factors that impact a window’s performance. From the frame material to the installation techniques, we can help you understand the variables and how different products will perform. We’ll also help you decode terms like U-Value and Solar Heat Gain…two of the most commonly used terms in the window industry.

Financing Replacement Windows

Replacing the windows in your home can be a big undertaking. Get the product you want at the right price and payment options with financing programs available through Weather-Tek Windows & Doors. With flexible terms and several financing programs to choose from, you’ll be able to make that project a reality!

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