Professional Window Installation & Service

Who’s behind the window or door you are buying?

How much time have you spent shopping for windows online? Reading model specifications, window warranty information, and third party reviews can give you great product knowledge, but people knowledge is just as important. The WHO behind who installs, services, and warranties your windows and doors is really the most important information to research.

Here’s a few questions to ask your window and door provider:

  • How did you select the products you offer?
  • What is your relationship like with the manufacturers you work with?
  • What sort of training do your installers receive?
  • Do you have a warranty program? Do you warranty installation?
  • Do you have a full-time, dedicated service department?
  • How can you spot poor installation? What are the risks?

Dig into the answers to these questions and more, or schedule a chat with one of our team members either in the comfort of your home or our Design Gallery!

Installation Certification

Weather-Tek’s installers are factory trained and certified for service on all products sold. Our installers and technicians have completed various manufacturer certified training programs including advanced service certification. Contact us to learn more.

We’ve Got You Covered

From installation to warranty support

One of the best things about being in a “niche” is how deeply entrenched you can be. Unlike big box stores or lumber yards who also sell windows, our specialty affords us something really unique – the ability to service our customers not just during the sale, but to stand by them for the life of the product.

professional window installation

Installation Services & Training

Installation services from Weather-Tek ensure that your product performs at its best for years to come. We’re so dedicated to our craft that you can see it first-hand for yourself – visit our Design Gallery where you’ll find a hands-on contractor training center. We don’t just install windows, we teach other construction professionals how to do it as well!

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Service & Repair Department

Sometimes it’s just a small piece of hardware, and sometimes it’s more critical. Our service and repair department is busy caring for aging windows all across Southeast Wisconsin. With a large inventory of parts and experienced repair technicians, we keep windows and doors opening all around town.

window installation warranty programs

Warranty Programs

At Weather-Tek, the relationships we have with our manufacturer partners doesn’t stop with the sale. We leverage the strength of our partnerships to ensure you get support for years to come. Our warranty programs offer manufacturer warranties, as well as enhanced service and installation extensions.

Sometimes The Signs Are Obvious, Sometimes They Aren’t

How do you spot poor window installation?

Poor Operation

When a window or door is poorly installed, the most obvious effect is poor operation. Doors that stick, windows that don’t slide properly, closures that don’t draw a door in tight. Additionally, if measurements are not performed properly in the first place, the wrong size products may be used, causing warping, poor operation, and poor performance.

Air Infiltration

Much care is taken to select the most energy efficient windows, it’s amazing how few people think about how installation effects the efficiency of these products. From improper measuring and sizing, to poor support and shimming, a poorly installed window will leak air, causing a draft. You might not be able to spot it with your eyes, but you can feel it in your home and see it on your electric bill!

Water Damage & Infiltration

One of the most important elements in construction is creating a water-tight “building envelope” – the physical separator between the interior and exterior of a building. If a window or door installation is not properly completed, water can leak behind flashing and siding, Tyvek wrap, insulation, and into the home causing permanent damage. Proper taping and caulking techniques are just one element to creating a water-tight installation.


It seems like a small thing, but it makes a big difference. The visual cues of poor workmanship include the general aesthetics of the fit and finish of the opening, gaps in miter corners, nail holes in trim boards, and more. Even job site cleanliness and disposal are a big part of doing the job properly. If it looks bad, it’s a visual indicator that there may be more problems lurking beneath the surface.

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