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Wood Windows & Doors

Replacement Wood Windows & Doors

The backstory on quality & construction

Wood windows have been around for hundreds of years and are pretty self-explanatory, but here’s the inside scoop on why wood is considered a premium choice for windows and doors. There are only 1/8th the amount of manufacturers that make wood windows compared to those that create vinyl, and for good reason. When making wood windows, you really have to know your stuff! Forests. Species. Harvests. Milling. Debarking. Drying and aging. And that’s just getting your material ready to begin the process of making a window or door.

Let’s skip pine, oak, cherry, fir, mahogany, and maple for now and talk about one of the most important elements of choosing a wood window…age. If you are familiar with woodworking, you’ve probably heard the terms heart wood and sap wood. Sap wood is the new growth, while the older growth, is the heart wood or inner circle. The heart wood is what provides:

  • Strength and durability
  • Resistance to absorption of moisture
  • Less shrinkage due to already low moisture content
  • Resistance to rot and condensation

So when you read wood window reviews, check out wood doors online, explore manufacturer websites like Pella Windows, Marvin Windows, Andersen Windows, Weather Shield Windows, and more, you are seeing manufacturers generally “take to heart” the benefit of heart wood! In fact, it’s so important that many wood window manufacturers often tout their chain-of-custody wood certification from the Forestry Stewardship Council, tracing the path of products from forests through the supply chain. This ensures that the products you purchase are what they say they are and that they come from responsibly managed sources.

Timeless Beauty & Quality

Wood window features & benefits

new wood windows/door - replacement wood windows/door - wood windows/door online - wood windows/door reviews - wood windows/door companies - andersen windows - marvin windows

What Are Wood Windows & Doors?

Wood windows come in two basic options – All-wood or wood-clad. Regardless, they have something in common – the beauty and strength of nature!

All-wood is just that – they feature a wood construction with wood on both the exterior and interior surfaces of the window or door. A wood-clad window has a wood core and wood finish on the interior, with another material on the exterior such as vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass. You can learn more about the cladding process here.

Wood windows and doors can also vary in their makeup – from the most expensive and highest quality solid wood options to lower-end products offering a wood veneer or compressed wood fibers. Unlike vinyl windows which are extruded and therefore seamless, wood windows feature several pieces of cut, routed wood sections adhered together to form the channels necessary to hold glass, hardware, and other elements.

Another difference is that wood windows are often constructed “on demand” with each order. With brands like Marvin Windows, Andersen Windows, and Weather Shield Windows, your window is made for your house – not sitting on the shelf waiting for your order.

new wood windows/door - replacement wood windows/door - wood windows/door online - wood windows/door reviews - wood windows/door companies - andersen windows - marvin windows

Features & Benefits of Wood Windows & Doors

Wood has long been a staple in construction, making a house feel like a “home.” From beauty to strength, wood has many benefits:

  • Appearance – The unique nature of wood species and grains is a very attractive feature to most homeowners who want to enjoy a warm interior environment
  • Color Options – With wood finishes, colors are nearly endless – both exterior and interiors can be personalized with stains or paint to meet any design preference
  • Strength – The strength of wood windows allows it to be used in larger window and door openings, creating expansive views
  • Custom Shapes – Because of the art of woodworking, wood windows can be constructed in nearly any shape and size, allowing artful choices for your home

Are wood windows & doors right for you?

More Reasons to Choose Premium Windows & Doors…

Wood windows & doors have an attractive nature

Wood Shows Return on Investment

Did you know? Studies have shown that installing wood window brands such as Andersen or Marvin can increase the overall market value of your home! So, while your up front cost may be higher, you’ll see both energy savings, as well as a key selling feature if you ever decide to move!

Custom Windows for Your One-of-a-Kind Home

Windows can become art with custom, one-of-a-kind creations through Weather-Tek Windows & Doors. We’ll work with your architect, designer or builder to accomplish the most challenging technical and artistic applications of windows. Whether designing, engineering, assembling and installing historic or custom millwork, or meeting structural requirements for large window openings, our relationships with Marvin Signature windows and other industry partners turn windows into art.

Making Wood Windows Affordable

If the budget screams vinyl but your heart wants what it wants…wood…have no fear. Our window and door financing programs help homeowners stretch the budget to upgrade to a wood window or door. This is especially helpful if you plan to stay in your home for a long time, making financing a smart choice. Make the timeless beauty of wood a reality today!

Check out our financing options from GreenSky!

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